Advanced Spiritual Training

Tenet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Sacred Geometry Academy ☆

Sacred Geometry 1

Learn about the language of God, of creation. Connect with the 3 main Sacred Geometric shapes and use this connection to create a high vibrational space in your home, office or when you travel, in your hotel room.

Prerequisite for Healer's Academy

Sacred Geometry 2

You will learn to work with crystals in this class! Learn how to grid a room and a house to protect it and also bring in divine energies. Learn how to heal yourself and others with crystals and learn how to do an accurate reading with crystals!

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1 and Empower Thyself

Sacred Geometry 3

Learn a healing that you can use on yourself and others! You will be working with the sacred geometries and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to clear seven layers of the aura and also help someone else and yourself by creating a mission statement.

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1 & 2 and Empower Thyself

Sacred Geometry 4

Learn how to create 3 different Temples spaces - the Melchezidek Temple, the Temple of Pythagoras and the Temple of Noah! It is pure joy to set these in your home or healing space!

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1-3 and Empower Thyself

Course Price
Sacred Geometry 1 (4 hr class)

Note: This class is a prerequisite for Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry 2, and Healer's Academy.
Sacred Geometry 2 (9 hr class)
Sacred Geometry 3 (3.5 hr class)
Date: June 28, 2018
Time: 9am - 2pm
Sacred Geometry 4 (3 hr class)