Advanced Spiritual Training

Tenet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Full Moon Equinox Ceremony ☆

Ulysses Sanchez will lead a Hermetic Moon Magick Ceremony and Erin Wallace will lead a healing Egyptian Meditation to create healing and balance between the Masculine and Feminine Energies.

All proceeds will go directly to efforts to support and honor seniors - $25

Event description
Join us for a sacred ceremony in community to celebrate the powerful cycles of the moon. This is a great time for reflecting on the inner self, releasing old patterns, transformation, and speaking with the moon all your wishes to set intentions into motion. Be supported in shedding light onto your authentic self in service to sharing your amazing self with the world. 

This event is open to everyone! 

The evening will include
-  Guided meditation
-  Hermetic Full Moon rituals
-  Communion with the goddesses
-  Partaking in bringing in the Divine Feminine into the area
-  Support in community

Release the masks you carry.
Every full moon is an opportunity to further remove those masks we carry deep in our hearts. Those masks which are put on for certain people or situations.

Why do we use those masks? Why did we create those masks in the first place?
It is important to remind ourselves that in order to attain the miracles sought in our life we have to be willing to be true to ourselves, believe in our own magickal power, as well as engage that authenticity in all of our relationships.

Where is your power going? Feeling drained? Regret? Anger?
Let go of that past. Let go of the "what if...".  

You deserve absolute love, but to have that absolute love one must be willing to RECEIVE! Giving is great, but bring it full circle! Be able to remember to care for yourself, have that energy to bring that joy for the self to fulfill inner passions that have been ignored for awhile.

Erin Wallace, Senior Guide, Ritual Master and Member of the High Priest and Priestess Council for the Hierarchy of RA through the Modern Mystery School, in the Lineage of King Salomon, will connect with the Egyptian Gods and Goddess and the Hierarchy of RA to find a healing theme that is customized for the group attending.

Service Energy Exchange
Full Moon Equinox Ceremony
Date: Saturday, September 22nd
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
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