Advanced Spiritual Training

Tenet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Hermetic Moon Magick ☆

Kathleen Temperani, Guide and 3rd Step Ritual Master in the Lineage of Kings Salomon, will lead a meditation and a Hermetic Moon Magick Ceremony.

Join us in community, celebration & ritual to honor the magick and power of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is a time of great power and manifestation. It is a time of great potential and magick. Through this celebration, we honor the Moon Goddess and use this time to connect with the energies of the moon, release the energies of the past and align with the moon powers for positive manifestation in our lives for the coming month.

The full moon for December is in the sign of Gemini. There is an increase in sociability, cheerfulness and quick-wittedness are on the increase, and there is an interest in all kinds of information.

Service Energy Exchange
Hermetic Moon Magick Ceremony
Tuesday, December 5th
7:30pm - 9:00pm