Advanced Spiritual Training

Tenet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Galactic Activations ☆

Galactic Activations

DAY 1 - The first Galactic Activation is at the end of the first day, after receiving teachings on living in a new way in order to become a different kind of human.  The 24-strand DNA Activation is designed to open us and prepare us for our return to a divine state of being.

The Life Activation results in the activation of 11 of the 12 physical and spiritual strands (which we call "codons").  The two codons which are not activated by this method are called the Galactic Code (physical DNA), and the Divinity Code (spiritual DNA).  All Mystery School traditions have taught that when humankind is ready, a technique would be given to activate the last two codons.  The activation of these codons would result in the manifestation of the Adam Kadmon, the God-like human being in the physical.

DAY 2 - This class was brought to us by the Galactic Masters to help accelerate the growth of our light body.

This activation improves the function of the pituitary gland and functions of the soul.  It also helps to unite with the Galactic mind and awakening of the universal consciousness.  This important step leads to a higher consciousness and greater galactic awareness.

In this class you will receive:

7 steps for a spiritual based business from the perspective of personal, social, global, responsibility for humanitarian service.

7 steps for a joyful life - discover ways to align with the force of creation.

Galactic rituals to connect with galactic energies, balance your energy system, and assist with physical energy to give you a boost when you are tired.

High vibration foods - receive a ritual to heighten the vibration of your food before you eat it.

Galactic meditation - learn a new way to connect during meditation that brings assistance from the galactic federation. 

☆☆☆ Special Event ☆☆☆ Energy Exchange
Galactic Activations
Dates: Saturday, August 4th and Sunday August 5th, 2018

Non refundable / non transferable deposit of $300 via PayPal to
or Venmo to Erin-Wallace-8
Tier 1 (spots 1-20): $725
Tier 2 (spots 21-35): $775
Late Registration Price after June 20th: $800

Audit Fee - for those who have already received these activations, both Day 1 and Day 2: $300

About Martina Coogan

Martina Coogan

A holder of light for people on their journey and the planet as a whole, Martina is a Master Teacher, Guide and Healer with the Modern Mystery School.

Raised in Galway, Martina always had the desire to travel and explore. Her travels took her to the United States where she lived for fourteen years. A graduate in Psychology, Martina had a thirst for deeper understanding, knowledge and truth about humanity, the world we live in and the purpose of all. It was this desire that brought about her encounter with the Modern Mystery School and from there, her own personal journey and inner transformation, an experience so profound that it compelled her to make it her life's work.

Over the years, through her healings and teachings, Martina has enabled many people to rediscover and remember their true selves. She has reignited the spark within many, and empowered them to live their lives with love and joy, striving to achieve their highest and truest potential. Martina returned to Europe to establish and run the European Headquarters of the Modern Mystery School in London. Traveling internationally as a Master Teacher, Martina conducts a variety of dynamic workshops all focused on spiritual awareness and personal empowerment. She has taught in Ireland, England, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil and the Middle East, unifying the spirit within each person and every community she visits.

With a heartfelt desire and willingness to share core Mystery School teachings, Martina has the ability to convey the deepest esoteric wisdom in the simplest and clearest manner to people from all walks of life, regardless of background, nationality or creed - truly knowing no boundaries.

With wit, humour, understanding and authenticity, Martina connects with everyone on a multitude of levels, leaving all who spend time with her with an undeniable and heartfelt experience, one that is truly profound and inspiring. She leaves all whom she encounters with the unique energy from her presence and teachings, along with a true example of how to live the teachings she conveys.,