Energy Healings

All of these healings come from the Lineage of King Salomon
and have been handed down with energetic keys and power.
These work for everyone, regardless of your Race, Religion or belief system.

☆ Full Spirit Activation ☆

The Full Spirit Activation is designed to activate the connection between the Supernal Body (where we are the most powerful beings) with the Thalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Glands within the "old brain". This allows us to bypass the physical processes that stagnate us as humans and come into a state of existence free from the world around us while allowing us to truly experience and enjoy the miracle of life everyday.

In awaking the old brain you see miracles happen and people step into a whole different element in their lives. They see and feel different and will do more work in service. The old brain is the connection to Great Central Sun, so they will also feel more in tune with Divinity and with their own self’s worth.

Affectionately called the second part of the Life Activation, this modality is paramount in connecting our minds with our soul, allowing us to see the Divine essence of all things and truly experience an exciting world in our everyday lives.

Service Energy Exchange
Full Spirit Activation $250.00