Energy Healings

All of these healings come from the Lineage of King Salomon
and have been handed down with energetic keys and power.
These work for everyone, regardless of your Race, Religion or belief system.

☆ Egyptian Healings ☆


Isis was the Grand Queen of Egypt. In this healing I call Isis in and in sacred ceremony you will have a rebirth of your Emotional Body. This healing helps you to have more energy and invigoration in your life for a fresh start! It takes about 25-45 minutes.

Advanced ISIS healing

Prerequisite: Isis Healing

Create a new vibration within the physical body that will give you more passion and way more vitality. Re-direct old vibrations towards the new one and create “synchronicity” in the body and soul. Getting over the OLD! Create a renewed vibration in the soul that holds the mind regions more firm thus giving the client a more positive thought pattern. Heal old emotional wounds. Open up the third eye. $250

7 Layer Auric Clearing

Clears 7 layers of the aura calling in the Sacred Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This is a private ceremony using elements of Sacred Geometry. You will have an opportunity to speak a mission statement and receive a blessing in that.

RA Protection

You will be infused with light brought in from the Sun God RA and negativity will be banished from your life and you will bring in good, positive energy. You will have time to make a request and wish for something specific. This is truly a blessing for your life. This session is a full hour.

Passion Healing

Prerequisite: Initiates Only (graduates of Empower Thyself)

This is a more intimate healing - you will be covered with silk fabric ‘the veil of Anubis’ and be reawakening into your God/Goddess true self. Your face will be caressed until that part of you comes to life and the energy from that awakening will be carried down the rest of your body until you are reignited!

Service Energy Exchange
Isis Healing $250.00
Advanced Isis Healing
(Prerequisite:  Isis Healing)
7 Layer Auric Clearing $250.00
RA Protection $250.00
Passion Healing (Initiates Only) $250.00