Advanced Spiritual Training

Tenet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Ceremonies ☆

Hermetic Moon Magick Celebration

Kathleen Temperani, Guide and 3rd Step Ritual Master in the Lineage of Kings Salomon will lead a monthly moon ceremony with a meditation. $15

Fire & Water Ceremony

Erin will serve as a High Priestess and call in the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to heal and balance the Masculine and Feminine Energy. $40 ($30 if paid in advance)

Awaken Your Divinity

Erin serves as a High Priestess and will lead a healing process to hold the space for you to let go of old feelings of unworthiness - you will release this into water and another meditation will help you to find your unique purpose - what you are here to do! This will end with a ceremony to seal this new awareness in. $50 ($40 if paid in advance)


Service Energy Exchange
Hermetic Moon Magick Celebration $15.00 at the door
Fire and Water Ceremony (Egyptian)
$40.00 at the door
$30.00 if paid in advance
Awaken Your Divinity (Egyptian) $50.00 at the door
$40.00 if paid in advance